Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stanton home furnishings

for some reason, lately, i continue to sing the praises of stores in my hometown. this past weekend, i decided to visit a store in my favorite target shopping center that i haven't ever been in, but always looked at and admired from afar. it's stanton home furnishings. it looked like your basic mom's interior design supply from the outside (bad lighting!), but when i entered, it was like a magical land holding all of the things that i wish my home were made up of right now! so many organic shapes taking the form of lamps and "found object" art...it was too much for me to handle! seriously, people, I was in love. look at these pics:

i love the exposed old-fashioned lightbulb. in the store, they also had several lamps with just these awesome exposed bulbs. they give off a very dim, calming, candle-light-like light, so it's not too abrasive.

look at this supertotallyawesomerocksmysocks driftwood "chandelier". i mean, are you kidding me? this is beautiful. 

love the not-too-perfect but clearly made -for-it look of the fabric on this chair. all of their colors and fabrics were very natural and all of the items were really complementary to each other. the shape of this chair makes me happy. 

this is a chandelier that appears to be sewn on. they had a lot of lampshades and chandeliers made in this way, and it was really pretty and simple to look at. 

all in all, I couldn't have loved this store more (ok, maybe if it were cheaper and i could take everything home...however, their prices aren't bad). check it out if you are ever in atlanta...


  1. Ooooo. Stanton is good. Loved the pic tour.
    Aren't you the lucky girl to have such cool pictures of your wedding!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. thank you!! i know, i was really happy with our photos...now i just need to get some printed out...hehehe

  3. Oh my, I wish I lived in Atlanta now! I love everything you posted about that store. Nice!

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