Tuesday, March 17, 2009


blabla is a children's clothing and toy store here in atlanta. they design hand-knitted fabulousness. 

the store is right down the street from the little boy i babysit, so we frequently pop in to take a look at all the goodies, and he even has a blabla creature of his own. i want to get a few pics of the outside of the store, because their window displays are probably my favorites in atlanta (besides key lime pie salon in the highlands - their use of color in the themed clothing displays each month are wonderful), but haven't had a chance so far. 

here are a few photos borrowed from their site and off the internet. their site is www.blablakids.com...check it out if you have kids, their stuff is wonderful!

i am considering buying one of their mobiles for my "art gallery" in my house.

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