Saturday, March 28, 2009

ideas & inspiration

sort of being inspired by neutrals and fabrics lately. check out the new jewelz:

(f.y.i. still trying to find my niche in the jewelry land. i think i'm getting close)


sorry, i know i have chillbumps in that one picture. it's been a little cold & rainy 'round here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stanton home furnishings

for some reason, lately, i continue to sing the praises of stores in my hometown. this past weekend, i decided to visit a store in my favorite target shopping center that i haven't ever been in, but always looked at and admired from afar. it's stanton home furnishings. it looked like your basic mom's interior design supply from the outside (bad lighting!), but when i entered, it was like a magical land holding all of the things that i wish my home were made up of right now! so many organic shapes taking the form of lamps and "found object" was too much for me to handle! seriously, people, I was in love. look at these pics:

i love the exposed old-fashioned lightbulb. in the store, they also had several lamps with just these awesome exposed bulbs. they give off a very dim, calming, candle-light-like light, so it's not too abrasive.

look at this supertotallyawesomerocksmysocks driftwood "chandelier". i mean, are you kidding me? this is beautiful. 

love the not-too-perfect but clearly made -for-it look of the fabric on this chair. all of their colors and fabrics were very natural and all of the items were really complementary to each other. the shape of this chair makes me happy. 

this is a chandelier that appears to be sewn on. they had a lot of lampshades and chandeliers made in this way, and it was really pretty and simple to look at. 

all in all, I couldn't have loved this store more (ok, maybe if it were cheaper and i could take everything home...however, their prices aren't bad). check it out if you are ever in atlanta...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

key lime pie

remember when I was talking about Key Lime Pie's storefront window displays? here are some photos...I may try to snap some of my own later (the theme is green right now for St. Patrick's changes with the month), because these photos only show two mannequins, but you still get the drift for now:

Saturday, March 21, 2009


today is our one year anniversary. yippeeee

here are a few photos from our wedding by the lovely and talented kyle hale 

this is my favorite photo from the entire day. jordan's little brother, brooklyn (on the left), and my little brother david (right). i love love love love love this photo. kyle told them to make a "Funny" brooklyn did that, and david got serious. so cute.

this is jordan (left) and andy, my other brother. I like the sunlight, and how clearly they weren't posed. I'm definitely not one for posed photos. What's the point?

here are the placecards I made.

monogram wreaths I made.

finally, me and the old man, if you will. 
this is my favorite photo of us from the wedding. 

table makeover

so a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I painted all is my painting station...
here is our coffee table that I repainted. I found it on the side of the road last year, so it was free, but I've never been happy with the way it looks. a little too Pottery-Barn-ish for my taste. So, I sassed it up a bit!! :)



I bought two turquoise-and-white-beaded knobs from anthropologie for the front, and placed two big red pillows I already had on the inside to add even more color. I painted the fronts of the drawers silver (had that can of silver paint for the stripes on the lampshade leftover) and the rest of the table white. I admit, I shouldn't have spraypainted it, I should've painted it with a brush, but I was just testing it out. Later I may go back and use a brush on the top to give it a smoother finish. It took way too many coats of spraypaint! I did use a primer, too, so that helped, but all in all, my fingers were super sore at the end!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


blabla is a children's clothing and toy store here in atlanta. they design hand-knitted fabulousness. 

the store is right down the street from the little boy i babysit, so we frequently pop in to take a look at all the goodies, and he even has a blabla creature of his own. i want to get a few pics of the outside of the store, because their window displays are probably my favorites in atlanta (besides key lime pie salon in the highlands - their use of color in the themed clothing displays each month are wonderful), but haven't had a chance so far. 

here are a few photos borrowed from their site and off the internet. their site is it out if you have kids, their stuff is wonderful!

i am considering buying one of their mobiles for my "art gallery" in my house.


i have a poll, please let me know your thoughts! 

i make these little wrapped-wire rings for my etsy shop. 

do you think people such as yourselves would be interested in buying these rings in gold-plated silver (they would look gold, like they do in this photo)? they are very popular as they are now (and very inexpensive for a hand-made piece of jewelry), but i feel like it would be nicer if they could stand the tests of  a loooong time!

that would make them around $75 per piece, or something like it. let me know what you think!

Monday, March 16, 2009

practicing my cursive

you should buy jewels from me, because when you do you get pretty packages. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

whoo whooooooo

i want this. (it's from

Thursday, March 12, 2009



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet nursery

here is the nursery of llubav choy duerr's bebe. i took it from design*sponge ( i know, i'm sorry, it's just that i love everything she posts, and i can't resist anything that has to do with wall-painting that isn't ugly). 

isn't it sweet? so simple and laid-back!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009


ok, so last weekend it snowed, and this weekend it was in the 80's. yeah. mmhm. 

anyway, it made for a great weekend to paint and clean and leave the windows open (!!!), so that's what I did. I painted a lot of my furniture, and rearranged some stuff to make it springier. I took the rug out of the family room, and put it in the dining room (side note: my dining room drives me crazy, I am ready to turn it into something else) to lighten things up a bit. I figure our toes don't need to be as warm in summer, and the cat is always flipping the rug upside down. 

Here is the re-do. It's not that different (Jordan can't handle furniture rearrangement. He can only handle small changes, and even those are hard...hahaha), but enough different for me to feel comfortable in there. There is a lot of space that isn't captured in the photo. Anyway, I got some new, brighter pillows for the sofa (this sofa is a lot slumpier and lumpier than I would like. Oh well), painted the coffee table (more on that later. I love parentheses), and pulled my craft-room bookshelf into the family room. 

Lots of white, since I really wish I were painting the walls white. Books are in color of the rainbow order. Yep. Soon I plan to get some baskets to hold DVD's. 

last but not least, AWESOME owl embroidered pillow from thrift store. $1.99!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

lampshade stripes!!

Inspired by a little photo from my Jonathan Adler book, I spraypainted silver stripes onto an old lampshade and it looks so pretty!  Did looooots of painting this will all be unfolded on the bloggy blog slowly but surely. 

Budget Living

Did anyone ever get the magazine "Budget Living"? It was a greeeat mag that came out a while back (my Mom and I got it when I was in highschool...'97-'01), and for some sad, sad reason, they cancelled it. It wasn't just a 'budget' magazine (that would be far too boring for 'ol k.fountain), it was a pretty artsy, and most of the time, kitchy magazine with lots of different crafty ideas centered around home improvement/decorating. They also had some great travel ideas (I remember them having a recommendation to stay at Cindy Wilson from the B-52's "motel" which was a totally awesome colorland of imagination...from the pictures, at least). Almost like a ReadyMade magazine, but kitchier and less pretentious. I don't know why I find ReadyMade pretentious. It's probably not. OK, enough explanation for you?

The moral of the story, is that I want to show you the book I bought a few years later, and have kept around for when I need a few ideas...many of the homes featured in the book were later featured in Domino magazine. There are soooo many great ideas in this book, and lots of them are centered around the idea that paint is the decorator's best friend, which is always a good mindset if you ask me. 

Here is the home of Rob Pruitt and Jonathan Horowitz. I've definitely seen their home in other magazines, and you probably have too. Their home has suuuuch an Edgar Allan Poe vibe, which is both awesome and hilarious at the same time. I mean, they picked a theme for their gothic mansion, and went with it. The picture I am showing you here (click to make it larger) is them laying on their "blood" pool carpet. Hilarious, no? There are other parts of their home featured in the book as well, including their crazy-colorful porch (magenta colored ceilings?) and gun-covered den table. I definitely suggest google-imaging their house, or just picking up a copy of the book! 

Here is another room I love. Sorry for the hard to see images here...
Anyway, I love the grasscloth covered walls and the giant orange lamp! I think the lamp really makes the room here. I like the way the designer has hung the artwork as well. Lots to love in this bedroom.

Lastly (though almost every room featured in this book is great), look at this stinkin' awesome living room. It's a nod to the '60's, and anything and everything from this era makes me smile. The 50's American-made wooden chest with added green ceramic knobs makes my heart flutter, folks. Sooo beautiful. I also love the drippy orange 70's lamp with giant shade. 

So, did anyone else ever get Budget Living, or does anyone else have a love for this book like me? It even features the ever-so-popular-at-the-moment "idea" to take an old chair, paint it, and reupholster the seat (we've all seen the chair makeovers design*sponge has been featuring...and I love each and every one of 'em!)!