Monday, February 16, 2009

painting over old canvases

I am a big fan of buying any and all handmade artwork I find at thrift stores, because it makes me sad that someone would get rid of something that was made by hand, and undoubtedly took a bit of time and/or creative energy to produce (you may recall my story about the glitter mirror). However, sometimes when I have something sitting around for too long, I find the need to give it new life and spruce it up a bit. Sooo, I painted over an old thrift-store painting. !!! I know this post may seem a little insensitive to the original artist of this canvas but hey, better to re-do than to consume more stuff for no reason, no?

I started off by painting this painting with spray primer (you could use any primer or no primer, but I primed it because I already had a can of it sitting around...):

thennn, I used a sweet ballerina pink color (If you wanna know the color it's "paris pink" by Martha was sitting around from an old job as well) to cover the canvas entirely. Yes, there are traces of the mountain-scene from the old painting poking up through the pink, but I like it. It gives the solid color a nice texture and reminds me of its roots. 

After I let the pink dry, I wanted to add words, but decided I wanted them to be a bit organic and free-flowy, so I used india ink to paint on French words about sleeping (googled it...still not quite sure what it says...I know that's bad...). I love how the words aren't perfect, and that the india ink makes it look watercolor-ey. I added the brackets for flare too, I know they aren't grammatically correct. 



  1. too cute! I love.
    you can translate that fun phrase on igoogle. :)

  2. hehe, thanks :)

    btw sorry i haven't spread the love about the award you gave me. i am most definitely appreciative of it and honored, however i am lazy when it comes to learning things on the internet.

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