Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been tagggged by the hilarious and beautiful Ashley of to do a little question/answer game because she likes my blog! Yahoooo..Ashley and I share a love for Edward Cullen, margaritas, and The Office and Big Love..and I'm sure a lot more that we will soon learn about when we are in a friend's wedding together in a few weeks. Anyway, there is a cute little sticker thingie that goes with the tag, but I don't feel like putting effort into figuring out how to do the sticker thing, so we will just go with the questions. I have to answer them all in one word! here goes:

1. where is your cell phone: lap
2. where is your significant other: shower
3. your hair color: brown
4. your mother: sweet
5. your father: smart
6. your favorite thing: design
7. your dream last night: hulk hogan (that was two words, but i had to use both or you'd have no idea what i was referring to)
8. your dream/goal: interior design
9. the room you're in: dining
10. your hobby: jewelry
11.  your fear: death
12. where do you want to be in six years: content
13. where were you last night: trader joe's
14. what you're not: content
15. one of your wish list items: nyc
16. where you grew up: griffin
17. the last thing you did: advertising
18. what are you wearing: glasses
19. your tv: heavy
20. your pet: cat
21. your computer: macbook
22. your mood: uneasy
23. missing someone: lots
24. your car: versa
25. something you're not wearing: shoes
26. favorite store: anthropologie
27. your summer: hot
28. love someone: duh
29. your favorite color: chartreause
30. when was the last time you laughed: morning
31. last time you cried: forget