Thursday, January 15, 2009

new look

not sure if I totally like the new look I made tonight, but I was going for a more minimal/clean look for the new year. Keepin' it simple and goin' back to the basics. 

Things I have done to clean up shop for the new year:

- using up gift cards (I hate having them clutter up my wallet and it's nice getting new stuff for free! ha)

- cleaned up/out all of the photo files on my computer

- had macbook keyboard/handpad replaced, therefore it's a lot cleaner (there is some kind of problem with the model that I have where the pad crushes...not cool, Apple.) 

- new look for blog!


  1. I liked your blog, I invite you to see me, I am sure
    which is to love, I hope that we continue to contact you
    send a greeting and congratulations

  2. Lovin' the clean slate design. Perfect for a brand spankin' new year! And your fabulous projects and makeovers will totally be the stars of the show.

    Sherry (& John)