Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok, guys, I'm trying something new. At an attempt to have some order and consistency in my blog (and because it's fun), I want to try out a little before/after help with my readers (all 5 of you! Yes! We can do different rooms in your houses, over and over!). So, here's the deal: send me a photo of a room or a project you know needs a little creative tackle, and I will help you out with it, then share it with the internets. 

~Got a room that needs a little re-arranging, but you can't figure out just 
how the furniture should be moved?

~An old cupboard or table could use a makeover, but you haven't come
up with the perfect plan?

~Do you have a little bit of cash saved to buy some accessories or a piece
of furniture, but can't decide what it is that you should get, exactly?

...let me help you out! send at least one (or more!)
photo to me at, and 
I will try and answer your questions! 

dresser before:

..dresser after!

(photos from design sponge!)


  1. love the new look! and also love the dresser. too cute!

    Sephora sent me a card in the mail for my free gift, don't know how they got my address but glad they did! =)

  2. sweet! they need to send me a card for a free gift, i loooove philosophy :) its my smell.

    thanks...i'm diggin' the new look now, too. :)

  3. will this offer still be good when jamie and i get married? i don't even know where we'll be living, but i do have at least one or two projects that i already know i'll be needing some help with. but not much sense in starting before i have any sort of clue about our house (combining all our furniture, inventory of what we've got vs. what we need, colors, etc!). please say you'll still help in april :)

  4. of couuuuurse, Molly. Hairstylist and decorator, at your service. :) can't wait.

  5. I actually have some photos that I JUST posted on my blog about an hour ago, and I would LOVE your expertise. I started redecorating my bedroom a while ago, and I am getting nowhere fast. AHHHHHH! ;)

    Thank you!

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