Friday, November 21, 2008

Personalized Necklaces by Your's Truly

just thought I'd do a little self-etsy-promotion. I figured I deserved it since everyone saw my messy, messy can see what became of the disaster. 

I'm making these little necklaces as Holiday gifts, perfect for stockings or as a stand-alone gift! (infomercial voice?)

I'm also working on more colorful versions, but I personally like the neutral-toned really makes the antique/vintage supplies I use stand out and pop! I can make the little buttons say whatever you want on then with the type-writer font (I seal it after I do it to make sure there is no smudging and that your special words stay forever!). Check it:

The possibilities are endless...I would love to do one that is a layered piece with just one simple letter in the middle for an initial...or something...

anyway, if you are interested in one for you or for gifting, check out and convo me for info!