Saturday, November 29, 2008

Latticework Pattern

Look! I'm mainly posting this photo so that I can remember it for future painting jobs and possibly a kitchen or bathroom of my own painted like this in the future, but it's the same latticework pattern that I painted on my rug..

I found this photo scrolling through the "sneak peak" section of design sponge (my favorite section)...the homeowner painted that pattern on her walls...look how she even included the shadows on the white...impressive! I think it's sweet and a perfect little dining nook. Laid back but still classy...after all, it's latticework. I love it.

Oh, and do you remember when I was talking about great open shelving in a kitchen recently? Here is a photo of what I would easy and sweet:

It's the same "latticework" kitchen. I love the island in the middle...and the cute little sofa off to the side.