Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Famous!

...ok, maybe not famous, but I do feel honored! I sent in pics of my rug project a few weeks ago to one of my favorite blogs, This Young House, and yesterday they did a post about my project!

Check it out here

If you are into design blogs, definitely check out this one! John and Sherry are a really cute husband and wife blog team, helping people redesign their homes through the's a really great idea, and they have it down to an art. Check out the photos of their crisply designed house as well -- they definitely have an eye for style. 

oh, and I got a cool mention on this lady's website as well! Thanks, One Pretty Thing!


  1. Hey Kristen,

    You are such a creative person. Go for it! Just went on your Etsy site and love your jewelry designs. Keep up the good work. I also started out small 16 years ago and now have a multi-million dollar company with over 50 employees. Stay with it and your hard work will pay off.

    Jenny Meeks

  2. Hi Jenny!! Thanks!! I'm excited to see what will come of all my ventures...

  3. Just came here from this young house - LOVE your rug idea - wow! Can't wait to check out your blog some more! :)

  4. thanks! i actually found some actual fabric spray dye at michael's the other day, so if you attempt it, i'd get that instead of regular spray paint...i plan to try it out next time i need a rug.............

  5. Kristen,

    That's quite the compliment coming from that website-which is awesome. Their DIY wedding Congrats!!

  6. Isn't that website great? They have a really nice clean look, I like it! Thanks :)