Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I love Christmas. Sooo much. I've always loved it, but it seems like I actually love it more the older that I get. My family always has had lots of Christmas traditions over the years, and my roommates in college and myself always did lots of fun Christmas-y things during the holiday season. 

I started decorating last night, so I thought I'd show some photos! Just like the rest of my life and things, most of my Christmas decorations are vintage. 


Here is the mantle...I bought some garland from the Christmas tree people in Little 5 Points today, and decorated it with little silver and gold balls, along with some tealight holders and clear glass jars (I have been using the small LED tealights...those things are great! Less mess, and you don't have to worry about them catching things on fire, which is always a plus)

Above the garland, I am displaying my little vintage Christmas/holiday card collection...the cards are probably one of my FAVORITE things about my vintage Christmas stuff...they are all so so so cute, with perfect retro fonts (fonts are something else I love, but that's a different story...) and sweet little holiday messages.




Here is our family room with the little tree. My mom and stepdad found the old red tinsel tree at a yard sale years ago for me...isn't it great? It still has all the old lights on it (some of them flicker, which I love...they flicker really slowly...), though I had to replace some this year. I have lots of vintage Christmas ornaments (Actually, pretty much all of them are), some from family that my grandmother made, and some that my mom and mother-in-law have bought me the past couple of years. 


 here is a small box of awesome ornaments that Jordan's mom got me last year. I really love the little "merry christmas!" one...that font is so great:


Here is my Grinch that sits below my tree every year along with the presents. He's keeping guard. I love Dr. Seuss (I got that trait from mi padre), and this Grinch was a gift from my mom as well.

And this is my latest Christmas addition for just this year -- a turquoise Christmas tree, woo hoo!

    the little Santa's are new from last year...I decided last Christmas season that I would like to collect little vintage Santa' my mom helped me out with starting my collection. The little clip-on Santa is a couple of years old...I actually used him as a wine-glass marker at a party my roommate and I had a couple of years ago, so he's ever-so-slightly tinted purple. Te he he. It was a good party trick...

I'm thinking next year we might get a real tree, but for this year, I still love my red spindle-y skinny tree...he will always be up somewhere, even if we do get a 'real' tree in the future!