Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I love Christmas. Sooo much. I've always loved it, but it seems like I actually love it more the older that I get. My family always has had lots of Christmas traditions over the years, and my roommates in college and myself always did lots of fun Christmas-y things during the holiday season. 

I started decorating last night, so I thought I'd show some photos! Just like the rest of my life and things, most of my Christmas decorations are vintage. 


Here is the mantle...I bought some garland from the Christmas tree people in Little 5 Points today, and decorated it with little silver and gold balls, along with some tealight holders and clear glass jars (I have been using the small LED tealights...those things are great! Less mess, and you don't have to worry about them catching things on fire, which is always a plus)

Above the garland, I am displaying my little vintage Christmas/holiday card collection...the cards are probably one of my FAVORITE things about my vintage Christmas stuff...they are all so so so cute, with perfect retro fonts (fonts are something else I love, but that's a different story...) and sweet little holiday messages.




Here is our family room with the little tree. My mom and stepdad found the old red tinsel tree at a yard sale years ago for me...isn't it great? It still has all the old lights on it (some of them flicker, which I love...they flicker really slowly...), though I had to replace some this year. I have lots of vintage Christmas ornaments (Actually, pretty much all of them are), some from family that my grandmother made, and some that my mom and mother-in-law have bought me the past couple of years. 


 here is a small box of awesome ornaments that Jordan's mom got me last year. I really love the little "merry christmas!" one...that font is so great:


Here is my Grinch that sits below my tree every year along with the presents. He's keeping guard. I love Dr. Seuss (I got that trait from mi padre), and this Grinch was a gift from my mom as well.

And this is my latest Christmas addition for just this year -- a turquoise Christmas tree, woo hoo!

    the little Santa's are new from last year...I decided last Christmas season that I would like to collect little vintage Santa' my mom helped me out with starting my collection. The little clip-on Santa is a couple of years old...I actually used him as a wine-glass marker at a party my roommate and I had a couple of years ago, so he's ever-so-slightly tinted purple. Te he he. It was a good party trick...

I'm thinking next year we might get a real tree, but for this year, I still love my red spindle-y skinny tree...he will always be up somewhere, even if we do get a 'real' tree in the future! 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Latticework Pattern

Look! I'm mainly posting this photo so that I can remember it for future painting jobs and possibly a kitchen or bathroom of my own painted like this in the future, but it's the same latticework pattern that I painted on my rug..

I found this photo scrolling through the "sneak peak" section of design sponge (my favorite section)...the homeowner painted that pattern on her walls...look how she even included the shadows on the white...impressive! I think it's sweet and a perfect little dining nook. Laid back but still classy...after all, it's latticework. I love it.

Oh, and do you remember when I was talking about great open shelving in a kitchen recently? Here is a photo of what I would easy and sweet:

It's the same "latticework" kitchen. I love the island in the middle...and the cute little sofa off to the side. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Isabelle's Playroom

Here is "Isabelle's Playroom" that I painted this week. It's one of my favorite things I've painted so far...just because it was so much fun, and I had a blast making all the cutesie little animals. Plus, the mom was really sweet and loved what I was doing, so that's always nice. :) The photos (as always) are kind of crappy, but I wanted to show everyone anyway...

Here is the main focus point in the room, the white tree with the chalk board hanging from it! The paint isn't dry on the chalk board in the photo, so it comes across kind of splotchy.

Isabelle's mom requested that I paint "live, learn, love, laugh" around the frame of the chalkboard...

And some snoozin' owls (well, at least the mommy owl is snoozin'!):

I want to paint a fireplace...

Laura Gunn of "paint in my hair" is a lady after my own heart. I have no idea why my blogger account is making all of my text underlined but I HATE it. Thus, this post is abruptly ending. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Floor Lamps

The other day I was at Target and found myself wandering around looking at lampshades and lamps. I always feel like Target is really lacking in the lamp and especially lampshades department. Is it just me, or does it seem like most of their lamps are for kids' rooms? Lots of pastel pinks and blues. Anyway, I found one drum shade that I liked that was actually a big step up for Target, but it was all bent and dinged (is that a word?) up, so I put it back on the shelf. 

I just ordered a new couch (!!), so now I am on the search for some new lamps for our living room. I am thinking of getting a floor lamp for the left side of our couch, so I went to in search of lamp-ness...and it delivered! is wayyyyy better at providing good design and options than my local store (I think since we live in the city we have a smaller Target, thus limited options?). Look at these contemporary beauties:

Nice, eh? I think they are much better than what I have seen at the store, for sure! 

And, they had this really awesome bird floor lamp that I couldn't get a picture of, but if you are so inclined, go to and check it is SO cute. It's a little gold/bronze-toned floor lamp with birdies at the top and a drum shade to add a little modern touch! SO cute. They also have a gold bird/twig wine holder holiday thing that I want as well. I'm just sayin'. Mom. I mean. I'm just sayin. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Personalized Necklaces by Your's Truly

just thought I'd do a little self-etsy-promotion. I figured I deserved it since everyone saw my messy, messy can see what became of the disaster. 

I'm making these little necklaces as Holiday gifts, perfect for stockings or as a stand-alone gift! (infomercial voice?)

I'm also working on more colorful versions, but I personally like the neutral-toned really makes the antique/vintage supplies I use stand out and pop! I can make the little buttons say whatever you want on then with the type-writer font (I seal it after I do it to make sure there is no smudging and that your special words stay forever!). Check it:

The possibilities are endless...I would love to do one that is a layered piece with just one simple letter in the middle for an initial...or something...

anyway, if you are interested in one for you or for gifting, check out and convo me for info!

Open Shelving

I would looooove to have a big kitchen with lots of open shelving and beautiful dishes to display in them, but for now, I just hung an old shelf from my parents on the wall, painted it the same color as the wall and am displaying lots of white dishes and trinkets in it. It gives the look I eventually want to have in my are some photos...

 Jordan is scared by this stuffed animal, but I think he's awesome.

...and speaking of awesome things, aren't these little salt & pepper shakers soooo great? My grandmother gave them to me, and they were really old family pieces. They RULE. I love their little faces, and I often rearrange them into different groupings (there are other ones that are different colors, but I kept them out of this white party) to make little "families"....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa's Workshop

When I typed in "Santa's Workshop" for the title of this post, I accidentally typed in an "I" instead of "O" for shop...then, I imagined Santa's Workship where all the elves were little pirates...anyway...

Here is what my desk looks like right now:

YIKES. I am busy trying to get a lot of jewelry made for the holidays, and my jewelry-making desk has gotten crazy! Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness. 

Also, you can now find my jewelry in four stores here in Atlanta - Terra Cottage at the Urban Market on the west side of town; ChrisMore at Peachtree Center Station mall downtown; and Salon Red in both of their stores in Decatur and Candler Park! Woo hoo! 

And, for a little sneak peak of some of the Christmasy/merry jewelry I'm coming up with these days, here's a picture of a centerpiece for jewelry I'm making:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re-Wiring Lamps

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time pretending to be an electrician. I always get really excited when I master "manly" jobs (IE: drilling [not so manly, but I just always had to get my Dad to do it for me until then...], shelf-installing, stud-finding, etc) and last weekend's conquest of the lamp re-wiring was sort of the icing on the cake.

I always find cool old lamps at thrift/antique shops, but until last weekend I always just risked my life every time I switched the on/off button. Some times I would get sparks, sometimes I'd have to jiggle the lamp a little for a flickering light to actually stay on and sometimes the lamps work. But, in any case, it's probably safer to have the lamp rewired and a new bulb holder (clearly I didn't master learning the names of the parts...) installed.

I picked up a few lamp rewiring kids at Home Depot and went home to the internet to figure out how to do it! It was actually really, really simple and I got 3 old lamps lookin' good within a couple of hours!

Here are pics of an old floor lamp I got at a yard sale a few years ago restored with an actual light working in it now! Until then, it never turned on, it just looked good...

I also did this in our dining room last weekend:


I'm Famous!

...ok, maybe not famous, but I do feel honored! I sent in pics of my rug project a few weeks ago to one of my favorite blogs, This Young House, and yesterday they did a post about my project!

Check it out here

If you are into design blogs, definitely check out this one! John and Sherry are a really cute husband and wife blog team, helping people redesign their homes through the's a really great idea, and they have it down to an art. Check out the photos of their crisply designed house as well -- they definitely have an eye for style. 

oh, and I got a cool mention on this lady's website as well! Thanks, One Pretty Thing!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Toilet Paper in the Dining Room

We have a really boring chandelier in our dining room. I mean, it's a chandelier that most people would probably be happy with (being renters, we have to comply with our landlords' things). It's very Pottery-Barn-esque...silver, with 6 small lights around it. For some reason, it just really bothered me and I felt like it didn't go with my style at all, so I built a new "light installation" (as I am fancily calling it) this weekend...

I made it with some wire from Home Depot, poster board, and tissue :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bringing the Outdoors In

One day I will put an entire tree in my room. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Top Design Finale

Anyone watch the Top Design finale?

I had a total change of heart on who was my favorite designer on this episode, which let me to believe that the designers' styles really weren't all that different. Nathan (who won) definitely has an artsier, crazier style; Ondine with her girly, funky style and Preston with a classy look every time, but really, when you look at the photos of their rooms, they aren't all that different. I decided that I like Ondine's style the most, but Nathan's definitely got honorable mention in my heart. Preston was just too boring, when it came down to it. Hard worker, classy look, but slightly boring. 

Here are some photos from their finale rooms: (each had to design an entire house)

Here is Nathan's dining area. He made that cool light fixture above the table out of paper plates and also the painting to the left. I like that they all make a lot of their pieces by hand even though they have really huge budgets; it adds a personal touch that I feel like a lot of designers don't add and it is making the look work for them every time. 

Also notice that the chairs that accompany the Parson's table in this dining area are the same chair that Preston uses in his study area. Told ya the looks aren't all that different!

Here is Preston's office...this photo, especially, shows what I'm talking about as far as the styles kind of looking similar...and there's the matching chair...

Here is Preston's "guest suite"...I really like the Judges' Paneling painted that pretty dove gray along with the walls, and the off-center placing of the mirror...very un-Preston! Black and white and gray were huge in all of their palettes!

And for my favorites:

Ondine's little study/family room the pops of pink (though the couches are slightly too modern for me...), but agree with the judges that she could've taken her funky look just a liiiiiittle further...also that art/mirror piece above the couch is great!!

Absolute fav: Ondine's kids' room! Those yellow/white stripes are so cute! Can this be my room, please? Love it!

the end of my synopsis of the finale of Top Design...

Conclusion: Don't you think that Preston and Jeff Lewis would make a great couple? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Butterflies and Feathers

I've been really busy working lately, so there's not much to say here, but I thought I would update anyway, just to keep up the good streak...

I found these sweet goodies at some thrift shops tonight:

can't wait to dissect that blue and white enamel flower! It'll be a great piece to take apart.

...if you haven't seen some of the things I made from the last time I posted about my new finds, go to my etsy site! (

In other news, my website is looking soooo cute and I'm sooooo excited for everyone to see it when it's finally ready. It's a milestone, for sure.