Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wall Decor

I love a good grouping of artwork/photos on the wall. And I'm not talkin' 'bout your basic interior designer placement of two on the right paired with two on the left, spaced by 6 inches. Or the stair step of photos going up to your children's bedrooms' on the wall. No, I'm talking about an artfully displayed grouping of items to fit in with said items' surroundings. 

I've noticed over the past couple of years that more and more designers have started to do "groupings" that complement the area that the pieces are placed, and I really like it. This way, things are not only placed on the wall for people to look at and admire, but they are placed in a way that makes you want to look closer. Here are some examples:



I like how the drawing and small painting in this photo are squeezed in -- so cozy!

And now, for my own wall:

And, just for kicks, I'm giving you the breakdown:

1. artwork from a thrift store. I always rescue artwork from thrift stores because I know that someone put a lot of time and effort into it at some point, so it makes me sad that anyone would give it away for free! Karma points for me. 

2. frame that only holds one photo on the bottom (it's us on our honeymoon, one of the few framed photos in our house), because I like the empty pink space above it (goes with the color scheme)

3. rough (unframed) artwork I made in college in a screenprinting class. It's a transfer of a horse with bright red ink filling the background. I think it says "neigh!" next to it. 

4. a drawing that Jordan's 5-year-old brother made for us. I think it's of their mom's house and them.

5. Another piece of art I made in college. It's a print of two horses that was made from an etching I did in a zinc plate.

6. a nude charcoal drawing from college; life drawing class. My favorite class I took. Ever.

7. the back of an empty frame. The back is more visually appealing to me since it's old and worn. I like it empty, too.

8. a "wing" that I recently got at a shop in Senoia, Georgia. My mommy got it for me. 

9. A framed postcard I did with watercolors. It says something, but it's kind of silly so I hung it upside down. 

Your thoughts? Do you prefer evenly spaced, balanced groupings, or do you like the mish-mash? Do tell!


  1. I've missed out on a lot this week! Lu-huv the groupings. I'm ready to change my space. It's funny how our tastes change each year. I just can't afford to change EVERYTHING. But dangit, I can go to some thrift stores and rescue some art!

  2. oh, but you CAN afford it! all you need is a thrift store, staple gun, and some spray paint, in my opinion. :)

    i'm trying to step it up like, oh, 10 notches in the posting department.

  3. This post is good, and I think you'll like my plan. I'm pretty sure the house is happening, and I'm dying to get out to some antique and thrift stores to shop for little plates, saucers, you name it. I want to group antique or antique styled plates in our dining room.

    my concern is hanging them in the right you just pick a spot and hang...then go from there?

  4. yes! i did that in my dining room, but i used all the same plates and made a little pattern with them. i love the grouping of different ones though, because it's easier and it's fun collecting unique ones! (plus, it's easier, because a lot of times you can't find matches!)

    alot of times i just lay out my "plan" on the floor to get an idea of what shape i want to go for, then just hang from there..i really never measure, because i dont like to waste time like can just start hanging things on the wall though, it works either way! seriously let me know if you want any help, i love decorating and would be really happy to help you out with stuff!! for no charge of course, i just like doing it :)


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