Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Response Cards

Most of you know (because most of you were there!) that I drew and designed the invitations/response cards for mine and Jordan's wedding. They are by no means perfect, and there are certainly things that I would've tweaked (if I hadn't been such a procrastinator and done them last minute!), but they turned out lovely and they were a really special, personalized part of our wedding. 

I was so excited every time I received one of our little response postcards back in the mail. Since I hand-drew them, I think people were sometimes a little confused about how to check "yes" or "no", so it made for good entertainment when people would write in little messages or whatever. I have had them sitting in a box since our wedding this past March, but finally dragged them out last night to hang them on the wall so that I can see them all the time!


close up!

Also, our bedroom doesn't have a color scheme, per se, so I like how the purple in the "love" stamps matches the purple patterned pillow on our bed:


  1. a select few made the lower rows. you, my friend, were part of the "in" crowd.


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