Monday, October 20, 2008

new treasures!

I have been on the hunt for more antique-looking chain for my jewelry pieces lately, so I decided instead of buying it off of the internet, I would get smart and just go to a couple of flea markets and see what I could find...

Wahoo! I haven't been to this place in over a year, but I used to always find little treasures there, so I knew it'd be a good spot to hit. I was especially excited about the letter bracelet, because I can make words or use them for peoples' monograms. So cute! I also looooooove the little banjo and the pipe is a sweet little hairclip!

Also, check out the piece all the way to the left -- yes, that is a dog's head. Ahahahaha! YES! I got all this loot for $12. Score!

Stay tuned for what I make with all this stuff.............