Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Book of Decorating

I really want this book...anyone want to buy it for me? 

I'm curious to see what's in there...I wonder how timeless the styles will be? domino always seems to be so trendy, but when I look at my magazines from around 2006 or so, I still feel like the styles apply to today's trends and fashions, so I'm curious to see how they will incorporate that into their book. All I know is that I would've loved to had this book to go by in more than one interior design class at Georgia State. Ugh. 

What do you think?


  1. hi.i wander here.and see the k.f.d design first time.
    actually,i donnot know what is k.f.d design,can you give me more details?
    i am a student in china.i think some pictures in your blog are chinese i right?

  2. i figured it out!
    k.f.d means kristen f. davis.

  3. You'll probably be able to find this book at the library...I always look there first to get a good look before I buy. :)

  4. that's true -- i probably could...i have actually spent a good amount of time sitting at barnes and noble reading it as well, hehe...

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