Saturday, July 26, 2008

Martha Stewart-themed room? Anyone?

I bought these awesome little stickers the other day at Michael's in the Martha Stewart section. That section just sucks me in every time. I always want to buy everything on that aisle, and I don't even scrapbook (which is what most of the items are intended for). Why must every item be SO cute, with perfect color combinations and fonts. I love Martha. 

So I was thinking it would be really cute to do a children's room with inspiration from these stickers. How cute would it be to have that little polka-dot bee buzzin' 'round your room?


  1. i wish you would have put your thumb in this picture. you know how much i love it! :)

    cute idea, by the way.

  2. that looks like pinky from pac-man on there. i'm assuming you were parked or at a stop light when taking this picture of the genius of martha. that martha sure does draw a crowd. i even saw p-diddy on her show once. or, p, or diddy, or puffy, or puff dragon. whatever.

  3. I knew you would say that about my thumb, Michel. And you know I strategically placed it so that it wouldn't be visible in the photo.

    I know, I was thinking the same thing about the little gumdrop guy. Pac man to the max. Something tells me Martha had nothing to do with these stickers though...