Thursday, July 17, 2008


This chest of drawers used to be dressed in gross, glossy brown (uneven-coated) spraypaint. It had shiny silver drawer-pulls. I did all of that in college, when I needed a quick-fix to match the room I was decorating and living in then. More recently, I decided to make my bedroom all white and cream (maybe I'll post pics of that later?), so it definitely needed to be transformed. 

I have to complete most projects I do at this house in one day, because A.) there isn't anywhere for me to do projects outside, and B.) the space is too small to have things sitting out of their "place" for too long. So, when I pulled the drawers out of this dresser, armed with cans of leftover white and cream paint and crackle finish, I knew I had to get some ideas goin', and fast! I know you can't really see from the photo above, but there are several different techniques used here. 

  I'm not sure if you can really tell from the photo (learning how to photograph my work better is on the to-do list), but this dresser has a sort of "I was just washed up from the sea" look to it. Old, worn, and crackly, just like I like it. I created these "sea spots" by dropping water onto paint before it is done drying, then brushing at it to remove the spots. Furniture freckles, if you will.

The crackles below were created with a simple crackle technique that most people are familiar with. Always fun. 

Some sweet knobs from Anthropologie. 

And that, my friends, concludes our lesson for today. I'll leave you with this:





  1. you're just that good, huh? i crackled once. i really did. just once. but, i did it.